The 5 Most Underrated Movies I Saw in 2020

I saw 89 movies in 2020. I’m watching more movies than usual, and now I’m finally on track to reduce my watchlist to zero. These are my top 5 most underrated movies I saw in 2020.

1. Joe Versus the Volcano

A movie I can’t wait to watch again. Unique and with a brilliant outlook on life.

2. Tim’s Vermeer

Read my review here.

3. Speed Racer

I wish every movie was like Speed Racer. Artistic vision achieved magnificently.

4. Batman & Robin

Read my review here. I’ve probably seen the Poison Ivy intro scene 30 times.

5. Alone in the Wilderness

Read my review here.

I’m interested in all these movies, but promoting movies to the mini-list is a way of re-engaging with my watchlist and discovering the movies that are begging to be watched. The movies I can’t miss before I die.

I’m doing a better job of watching unique movies. Even if I don’t love every one, I’m usually happy I saw a unique perspective.

I give special thanks to Trash Night Video. Formerly a Boston delicacy, it is available over the Internet during the pandemic. The best trash I saw was I Come in Peace, a hilarious hodgepodge of every 80s action cliche that includes the line “The University of Suck My Dick”. Catch it on the third Tuesday of every month!

Finally, here’s every movie I saw. Maybe 10 of these were heavily fast-forwarded or stopped partway through, but I only rated them if I saw enough to have an opinion.

*Rewatch. The program that generates these images is available here.