Mini movie reviews

The first heaven segment of What Dreams May Come looks unique and amazing. I assume the effects were too expensive in 1998 to last the whole movie. The rest of the movie has noteworthy painting-inspired aesthetics, but that first section is the best.

If this wasn’t a 90s movie, the death scene wouldn’t have been so absurd. 47 for the money shot but the buildup helps.

cw suicide

This movie gets INCREDIBLY hung up on punishment for dying by suicide. The main ending has them both deciding to live life again for… reasons. Probably to atone for the wife’s suicide. The alternate ending makes it even more explicit, she’s going back to bring balance to the universe for her suicide. the whole hell segment is also yikes city for mental health in general.

The overall aesthetic is a much less risky version of Prospero’s Books. Hollywood’s scared of genitals!


idk if any of you ever heard of The Monkees, but they were a TV band meant to ride the coattails of the beatles. The members got sick of people saying they were ‘fake’ ,so they learned to play ‘their’ music and started writing their own music too. Then they appeared in this bizarre movie deconstructing the entire concept of a showbiz persona.

It really lost steam in the second half, but i was lmao in the first half.

Parasite is a few good ideas padded out with Marxism 101. Highly overrated and isn’t as good as other movies of this type. Though the subtle touches have been correctly praised (ex. being served by their former boss), its class message is too basic.

I’ll even admit that some of the touches went over my head, like the expensive beer or the montage that references scenes from earlier in the montage.

But overall it says things like “the lower class will fight each other rather than unite against the rich”, “the rich are sociopaths”, and “the poor live in squalor” and it’s not a unique take.

Nightcrawler gave me more to think about, and High and Low told a thrilling story tinged with class issues.

Urusei Yatsura 2

Lupin III


August in the Water

Don’t be a Menace

The Magnificent Ambersons