Monsters, Inc. Thoughts

Monsters, Inc. weaves together 3+ stories that are all excellent. I took these notes but have little interest in expanding them.

  • The phenomenal parental arc of Sully
  • energy arc
  • corruption/kidnapping arc

Fossil fuels really do hurt kids. The story is even smarter now than it was 20 years ago.

mike and sully as PARENTS not really a joke at the end they fight, they make up

‘you’re still not listening’ kid all that matters

how well they foreshadow eveyrthing and make it feel like a real world

  • ‘one more thing’ door portals / door chase
  • laugh lights up the whole block

the office decor/style

how small it actually is in # of environments but how large it is in imagination + scare floor + door maze

“youre such a great father”

glorious opening

jazz score

no reason to go into the door maze in the third act but it is SO COOL

clean vs. dirty energy

dirty energy HURTS KIDS

  • energy crisis
  • old ways arent working

ye olde prejudice story

  • how scared they are of the kid
  • big scary monsters make living on scaring, but terrified of kid

the scratches on the door of the vent leading into the scream extractor, if intentional, is maybe the darkest thing pixar has ever done

  • randall’s slithery design
  • design of all monsters
  • small factory

maybe the most i’ve cried in a pixar movie?

  • i wont scare you like that
  • then when he does
  • then when they leave her forever
  • then find her at the very end
  • randall’s your scarer / dirty energy hurts kids

Boo doesn’t understand why Sully yelled at her. She’s a child. All the justification and explanations from Sully don’t matter.

they dont dwell on it but sully yelling at the kid (even when he doesnt want to) and ‘getting 10 times more energy from laugh’ - how to raise kids

“we scare because we care”

  • energy company
  • abusive parent