my favorite movie scenes, the list noone asked for

some of these are cryptic to avoid ruining the surprise. if you see the movie you’d know.

cinema only. no tv, no shorts.

first tier - ranked-ish

ratatouille - Ego’s review
Wolf children snow
Pee Wee’s Big Adventure - bar
Speed Racer Royalton’s speech - “Are you ready to put away your toys and grow up? Are you ready to make more money in one year than your father made in his whole life? Are you ready to become a π—₯π—˜π—”π—Ÿ race car driver?”
the endless summer - everyone dreams of finding a place as good as malibu or rincon.
Ratatouille ending (“Surprise me!")
speed racer - will you sit and talk with your old man?
batman & robin Poison Ivy unveiling
WALLΒ·E (2008) - opening
hardcore henry - motorcycle minigun
Wolf children fox training
Fantasia 2000 Flamingoes - on a proper 24 fps display (properly set up tv, not most pc monitors), the music is in perfect sync and it rules. I mentioned this YEARS ago with my little pony, same principle. i don’t know how common it is in live action (precision dancing to 1/24 of a second?). but in at least MLP and maybe other animation, you can move EXACTLY on the beat.
Colors of the wind
schindler’s list ending - schindler wishes he did more
litlte mermaid - part of your world part 2
The Navigator - making dinner
Speed Racer after he gets back in this race
shrek 2 climax song
totoro catbus to mei
Pee Wee’s Big Adventure - can’t remember

honorable mention, maybe they’d rank idk

hairspray - ending song
good dino - spot’s past
Pee Wee’s Big Adventure - Alamo tour
lion king love tonight
Before Sunset ending (one of the most audacious endings i’ve ever seen, but it only works if you see the movie)
singin' in the rain - Moses Supposes
let it go
nemo - news travels fast
godspell - first 2 songs
Waking Life - escape and ant - i believe these two are back to back. (especially before they go on their own - the intro “can we redo that?")
cats don’t dance ending song + end credits
Moana how far i’ll go part 3
2001 - HAL shutdown
saturday night fever- opening walk + song
Koyaanisqatsi - microchip manufacturing “the grid”
Gay Purr-ee (1962) - roses red, violets blue
war and peace part 3 - the part where the soviet union stages a battle with like 20,000 people and films it from a helicopter just to flex on America
war and peace part 2 or 1 - impeccable ballroom dance
wayne’s world - alice cooper
tron legacy - daft punk fight
Joe Versus the Volcano - prayer
Blade Runner 2049 - interrogation 1
chungking express - apartment cleaning + Dreams by cranberries cover (probably works much better in context)
wall-e - hello dolly love scene
good dino - ending
shrek - hallelujah
sonatine - beach
nemo - EAC - when he knows, you’ll know, y’know?
Videodrome - why do it for real?
lion king - can’t wait
beauty beast - dance
up - emptying the house - better than the opening
max night ultra spy - the scene you’d never predict in a thousand years
brave - opening song
spaceballs - when will then be now?
lawrence of arabia - well waiting goldeneye - tank
fast five - train heist
contact - receiving