I Gave Up on Watchlist Zero, but I'm Basically at "Top Watchlist" Zero

I’ve posted in the past about getting my watchlist to zero. It was growing with no signs of slowing. There are only 3 ways a watchlist will change:

  1. A movie is added to the watchlist
  2. A movie is watched and removed from the watchlist
  3. A movie is deleted from the watchlist without watching it

By keeping this in mind, I cut my watchlist in half. Even better, I was choosy with what I watched. I only watched what I was desperate to see. And that list is now basically zero. I wanted to copy the bottom tier of movies to their own list and leave the Watchlist separate. But IMDB treats your Watchlist differently from your other lists, so I couldn’t do that without losing quick-add functionality.

I moved the goalposts. My watchlist now has 3 tiers of different priority. I have come across movies and shot them to the top tier because they look exciting. I don’t want to toss them at the bottom and forget about them. They’re above things like They Live and Oliver & Company, which I feel are similar to what I’ve already seen.

The second tier are solid choices that I’d probably enjoy watching.

The third tier is stuff I could delete today and almost not feel bad about it. I keep them on the list because I still think I’d enjoy them more than some random movie.