Podcasts I like


5-4 - the supreme court is bullshit. learn why.
the adventure zone - balance - impossible mix of tones, themes, comedy, etc.
video game history hour
mbmbam - the run from around ep 100-200 is incredible. i begrudgingly still listen.
the mcelroy brothers will be in trolls 2
til death do us blart
last seen - gripping


how to save a planet - listened to all of this in like 2 weeks. one of the cohosts is worth 10-100 million dollars and doesn’t think capitalism should end. the other cohost is a marine biologist and does think it should end. but capitalism is a “future episode” after over a year. priorities.
taz amnesty - terribly uneven pacing, but some of the major themes do come together. awesome setting.


the war on cars - hit or miss. too centrist and bike-centric. they have yet to cite any sources on bikes being better than mass transit. but the framing of “a war on cars” is very much needed in US society. cities especially. all cities above a certain population density should be 90-99% car free.
blank check w griffin and david - very hit or miss. occasionally on point but almost every episode should be 50% shorter. nearly pointless listen if you haven’t seen the movie of the week.

On my radar:
money land power solidarity
citations needed
a matter of degrees https://www.degreespod.com/
trillbilly worker’s party
vox’s the impact - i remember liking this but it’s been years
it’s going down