Infinity Train Season 4 Continues to Impress

Infinity Train Season 4, like every season before it, is a great take on the magical amazing world of its premise. Creator @oweeeeendennis and the staff do amazing things within their limited scope and budget.

Which kills me because I know if they had more they could make a masterpiece. Very few parts of the series are BAD. The easiest complaint you can make is that it’s fast-paced, because they tell a complete and complicated story in a 110 minute season.

It doesn’t seem like they know another season is greenlit until the last one is done. I’m very in favor of shows not outliving their welcome, but this one is the exception. The world is so rich, and every story they’ve told had grace and meaning.

The closest thing I can think of is Futurama, which I felt fine leaving after all 9 seasons. Futurama was an interpersonal story that had zany backdrops, but Infinity Train is about the backdrops almost as much as the interpersonal. Each season has a new protaganist and the seasons rarely interact with each other.

The characters and themes need time to breathe and with these short seasons, we don’t get that as much. I would easily take seasons 3 and 4 with another 5 to 10 episodes each. Three especially was dealing with some amazing themes, but far too much for the time given.

Worst of all, Amelia, the best character of the show, hasn’t had enough time to shine. I fear her story will never be resolved. Not that we need the trap of showing every part of a character’s life in some twisted need for backstory, but I think her character has ample room for more stories.

Infinity Train is incredibly creative and it deserves the attention and funding it’s lacked thus far.